Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Guest Post- Tanya Anurag from KREATIVE KORNER

A big HELLO to everyone here at Ruby's Palette ! I am Tanya, jumping in from Kreative Korner to this colorful world painted by Ruby. What fun it is to be here with y’all & Ruby ! Isn't all her paintings beautiful ! Gosh, she is so talented.

So, what brings me here? 

Ruby and I share our love for colors and art. So, we thought, why not blog-swap! For today, I have the keys to her blog space and she has for mine. And now that I am here, let me introduce myself and Kreative Korner to you. I am a Computer Science Engineer by profession but technology is the last thing we talk about at Kreative Korner.

If you hop over, you'd see this little corner in blogosphere is full of colors. You'd find me sharing all the happy experiences gifted to me by life. You'll see some of my paintings, a lot of thrifty projects, pictures from my garden & kitchen and also a mention of all the wonderful people in my life. Now, that is not it. There is a lot of random babbling as well... because when you write, you just write- nobody dares to  interfere ;)

While coming from Kreative Korner to Ruby's Palette, I grabbed a few pictures to share with you all. 

Let me start off with my paintings.

Though I have my favorites, I try not to restrict myself when it comes to choosing the medium and subject for my artwork.

Hence, you'd see a mix of all.
Along the Reflections- Oil Pastel Art. Click here for more.


White Lilies- Oil Paints on Canvas. Click here to see more.
Through Her Eyes- A touch of digital art to a traditional abstract piece.   
Click here to read the behind story.       

Buddha Paintings- Acrylic on Canvas.
 Click here for more pictures.

Sometime around October, you are bound to find pictures of Henna designs that I do for Karwa Chauth.
To read more about the henna design or Karwa Chauth, click here

There's a question for you here
When it's festival time, things at Kreative Korner just spice up a little. Take a look...

Coluourful Candles- Perfect for festivals. Find more pictures here   

There is a story behind this. Read here

Hand-made cards are my style,when its a speacial day for a special someone.
30 Cards for the husband's 30th. Yes! there are 29 more here.
Name banner made for nephew's birthday party. More stuff here.

Quilled Birthday Card for Mom. Click here for another colour combination.

Straight from my kitchen.

Indo-Italian Bruschetta. Recipe here.
Corn Tikki. Recipe here.

An admirer of nature and it's beauty. you'll find me talking about it often.

A picture from my garden. See more here.

From a cold-winter day. More amazing shots here.

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of my world. I’d be more than happy to have you over at Kreative Korner and share some happy moments. Do stop by and let me know of your visit. Looking forward to hearing from all of you.

Much love,

P.S. Friends do tell me how you liked the post at rubyspalette@gmail.com

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