Sunday, 14 April 2013

Spirit of HOLI

Every year I eagerly wait for the festival of colours -HOLI. My mind seemed to be taken up with reminiscences of colourful memories of childhood when we used to be ready with bucket full of coloured water or balloons to colour our prey :-)
The legend behind Holi celebration goes like this- Lord Krishna (Indian God)  was jealous of his soul mate Radha’s fair complexion as he was very dark . Naughty young Krishna complained to his mother Yashoda about this injustice of nature. To placate the child, doting mother asked Krishna to apply colour on Radha's face and change her complexion according to his choice. Playful and mischievous Krishna appreciated the idea and implemented it. The game of applying colours thus gained so much popularity that it became a tradition and later it turned out to be a full - fledged festival.

The spirit of Holi is in the joyous expression of vibrant colours. This is my attempt at bringing Holi on to my canvas.

Spirit of Holi-12"*24" Acrylic painting on stretched canvas 

 On a closer look
Holi Colors thus signify-
Red- Purity
Green- Vitality
Blue- Calm and sedateness
Yellow- Pious feeling 

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  1. wow!!! awesome painting.. i love painitngs.. but unfortunately i can't do that properly.. i always try but every time i failed.. i think i can learn from you..
    wish you all the best.. do more painting., i'll love to see..

    1. Thanks Krishna,that's so kind of you! Definitely you can try sometimes as you are so very skilled :-) Do keep visiting!