Sunday, 22 February 2015

Chilli-Garlic Prawns on a bed of Pan Fried Veggies (with garlic n rosemary)

 Been away for a while since my last post. Winter is ending but, we can still feel the nip in the air in the mornings. From savouring warm Gajar ka Halwa (Carrot halwa) to sipping a hot cup of tea with steaming Momos, Delhi is an absolute wonder in winters. The winter vegetables, a riot of colours in Delhi need no introduction. Its these veggies which inspired me to cook up a storm one evening and the outcome was excellent. Thought of sharing the recipe with you all.

Chilli-Garlic Prawns on a bed of Pan Fried Veggies
Chilli-Garlic Prawns on a bed of Pan Fried Veggies (with garlic n rosemary)

Chilli-Garlic Prawns
500g- Prawns
5-6 pods Garlic chopped finely
1 Onion diced
2 Dry Red Chillies de-seeded and chopped finely
2-4 tsp Sesame Oil
2 tsp tomato sauce
1tsp Chilli sauce and
1tsp Soy sauce

Wash and clean the prawns and marinate with salt, turmeric and lemon juice. Shallow fry in two tsp oil and keep it aside. In another wok heat 2 tsp oil, add chilli, onion, garlic and toss for 2-3 mn. Add prawns followed by sauces and saute till prawns are coated finely
(I avoided batter frying as it kills the natural flavour of prawns).

Pan Fried Veggies
1-Broccoli(medium sized pieces)
250g Mushroom(Chopped)
150g French Beans(Chopped)
3tsp Olive oil
7-8 pods Garlic chopped finely
Rosemary for garnish

Blanch Broccoli and French beans in salt water for 2-3 mn(ensure that they are still crisp). Shallow fry mushrooms in 1tsp oil n salt and keep aside. In a wok add 2tsp Olive oil, garlic and saute the broccoli and beans for 2-3 min, then add mushroom and rosemary for garnish.
Arrange the Prawns on the bed of veggies and serve hot !

Do leave me a comment after trying this.


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