Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Thanksgiving & a note on Life !!!

My life means a lot to me..

Not because I love my life, But because I love the people in my life..

The world calls them family, friends & I call them my World..!!!

With this note would like to thank my family, friends for being with me always and making me what I am today. 

Also, thank all my readers for visiting my blog and inspiring me for an yet again new post ...smiles...

Presenting my latest painting-"Colours of life"- an abstract mixed media painting in acrylic colours and rich texture. 
Hope you like it !

"Colours of life"-an abstract mixed media painting in acrylic and rich texture(15"*22")

This painting is an expression of happiness and celebration of life in all its colours !!!

Do keep coming again to my space !

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