Sunday, 11 November 2012

DIY: Recycled bottles,a prelude to Diwali

Hi Guys,

Hope you are busy preparing for the Diwali festivities!
While cleaning my house for this Diwali, I stumbled upon some empty bottles. Wanted to reuse the bottles as I am a great fan of Recycled products. I decided to do a little make-over and this is what I did...

Bottled Vase,standing pretty
On a closer look

More the merrier

 I have used 3-D glitter to dress them up. These bottles can be used in various arrangements singly or in groups. 

I quite liked these two arrangements... what do you think?

 These recycled bottles immediately added zing to my Diwali decoration
 Do let me know how did you like them @

 Wishing you a happy and fun-filled DIWALI !!!



  1. absolutely beautiful... i also did the same with wine bottle..

  2. An extremely wonderful Blog.It's very beautiful. thanks for sharing! i like all of art vase.

    1. Thanks Art Glass Vase, its a pleasure to hear such kind words!